Oct 29, 2013

Centering, Simplifying, Writing Yoga's New Domain!

We have a new, official, non-blogspot.com home! Please, take a moment to hop on over to http://www.writingyoga.com to "follow" and not miss a post. You will find all the old articles, reviews, and stuff you love there.

Blogger has been swell. Seriously. I have met so many fantastic yogis, writers and writing yogis through this forum, but there's no place like home. There's nothing like simplicity. We're writingyoga.com now. So don't get lost! 

Bonus: FREE WRITING PROMPTS posted each Monday so you can start your week off right. Here is the direct link to the prompts: http://www.writingyoga.com/writing-prompts.

See you there? 

Sep 30, 2013

One Address, One Art, Keeping it Simple

Please visit writing yoga at its direct domain: www.writingyoga.com.
Same website, different host. 
New weekly writing prompts.